Admissions - 2024


Sagar Institute of Science and Technology (SISTec®), established in the year 2007, is one of the best engineering colleges, located in the heart of the state, the city of lakes - Bhopal. SISTec is the brand name for technical colleges under the umbrella of the Sagar Group of Institutions®. Boasting state-of-the-art facilities, a diverse student body, and a talented pool of faculty, SISTec has established itself as a leader in providing quality education offering B.Tech., MBA, and M.Tech. programs. The academic programs are designed to meet the needs and interests of students from all backgrounds, making SISTec the perfect place to jumpstart your future. The brand has a strong motivation towards innovation in curriculum implementation. It further aspires to be a part of the education revolution in Technical education, impacting futuristic technologies in the Indian framework. In this process, it aims to be one of the finest providers of technical education in India.

Life at SISTec begins with an earthy scent and blossoming of the buds: you enter the college and can’t help but be enthralled by the picturesque surroundings of the plush green environment, purple flowers, and bespoke copious shrubberies. The pavement surrounded by the above particulars leads you to the gate of the main building, where you witness the Goddess of Knowledge, creativity, and music. In the center, Maa Saraswati is seated with her calming and centering personality to bring order out of chaos and confusion: her rays dispel the obscurity of ignorance.

"Creations" is the place in the college premise that holds a special spot in everyone’s heart in Sagar. We come together on the common ground known as ‘Creations’ in the morning for our morning assembly. We assemble to sing the melody of admiration, share information, instill motivation, and start the day with the right amount of inspiration. This ritual is so powerful yet so comforting that no wonder it has been a part of SISTec since the very first day.

A glamorous, attractive cover doesn’t guarantee excellent content inside a book: likewise, the picturesque atmosphere doesn’t promise a college with excellent academics and academicians. At SISTec, we have the perfect blend of both magnificent appearance and densely knowledgeable academicians. The students never have to look here and there for a query to be resolved: their classroom lectures and faculties are a perfect one-stop solution for every doubt related to academics or their career.

The theoretical knowledge is put to practice in multiple cutting-edge laboratories and workshops. Consistent students never feel an ounce of pressure before any exam as they are laced with all the academic knowledge with practical.

SISTec takes pride in the fact that the best academicians are working assiduously towards the finest overall growth of students. While we keep academics our top priority, but can’t refute the fact that grooming a student needs a 360-degree approach. Consequently, a balance of academics and extracurricular activities is the key to a successful life at SISTec.

Students feel empowered when they are equipped with academic knowledge and all the knowhows of a practical world. We have a SAC community fully designed to function for the student’s art and cultural, IT and digital, literary, public relations, and editorial departments. This committee is governed by two faculty coordinators, and the smooth functioning is handled by the various students who are appointed through rigorous rounds of interviews.

SISTec does not advocate the philosophy of ‘one size fits all’, we believe in the beauty of diversity, in individuality. No two person can have the same view, thought, or belief. However, everyone in SISTec comes on the same page when creativity and inclusiveness are concerned.

We provide state-of-the-art, customized training, expert talks, and workshops. Students make the most of these sessions and get heaps of information under a single banner. The semester-break training is one of a kind in SISTec that is organized after the completion of each semester by every department for their students. The training is held mostly for more than a week and students get firsthand experience with the industrial savvies.

It has been said from ancient times: Health is Wealth. SISTec is not only an ardent believer of this preaching: we also practice it vehemently and peg health with happiness. Not a day goes by when students are not encouraged to regard physical fitness with utmost care and consideration. A swimming pool and a gym on the college campus are proof of our emphatic approach to a healthy lifestyle. Students get loads of opportunities to participate in sundry sports activities as well. Time and again, participants are felicitated in order to encourage other non-participating students.

The opposite of knowledge is not always ignorance, sometimes it is curiosity, wondering, mystery, and possibility. Anything that encourages you to look for an answer brings knowledge to you. We are on the same mind as ‘Albert Einstein’ that education is not learning of the facts, but the training of the mind to think. Knowledge is attained by learning in the classroom by following the faculty lectures and to put that knowledge into practice, our students spend time thinking plausibly about them.

The whole process requires taking an in-depth dip in the pool of knowledge gathered in the classroom, and to fulfill the same purpose, students need an ambiance, friendly enough for them to concentrate. References by people of other schools of thought for the students to refer to should be available in abundance. We have the best-updated library with thousands of books in their physical existence and thousands available online too in the e-library. The aesthetic outlook of the library encourages the student to spend more time in it and think critically about the knowledge they have accumulated.

You can’t sing the glory with an empty stomach and soul. Students have two options in the college to have their supply of physical nourishment: Mess and Canteen. The mess caters to the need of all the students with their pre-decided healthy food, and with the option of multiple refilling: the canteen deals with a wide range of menus catering to a diverse pool of students.

If you are not a student, you regard these places as something that provides you with food. But, for students, these are the spots to have food and to feel better from the blues. These places are quite popular with the students as they informally exchange their acquaintances with the students of other departments, they get to know each other, hang out, chat, and sometimes make plans for the future.

We don’t only have a hall dedicated to the canteen; the outside of the hall has a setting that can inspire people to write poetry. You encounter the multiple trees first, with a seating arrangement under them, an enchanting sphere-like place that buzzes with life during the lunch break.

Life at SISTec is not limited to one particular area, department, or building. It’s like a free bird that twitters around the whole campus and makes it alive. Life at SISTec is not a zero-sum game-hither someone’s loss is everyone’s loss, and a gain is celebrated unanimously. If you ever get a chance to feel it closely, never miss it for the world. Come and visit a life of comradeship, a life full of colors and bliss, a life with all the flavors of an alluring world. There is no gainsaying that once you get to the denouement of this journey, you can’t help but recall the halcyon days of ‘Life at SISTec’.