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Research Papers

Every department has faculty and students involved extensively in research activities. Undergraduate education is greatly benefited by the environment of postgraduate programmes, while both the curricula derives strength in a research environment.

All the departments of the Institute are involved in research activities, in order to contribute and benefit from the advances in knowledge frontiers, which will help generate state-of-the-art technologies responding to the need of the country.

SISTec recognizes Sponsored Research (SR) and Industrial Consultancy (IC) as the essential attributes of teaching and research. A full-fledged office operating under Dean (SRC) provides administrative and accounting support to the faculty undertaking sponsored research and consultancy work.

Books / Chapters

Sr. No. Name of Teacher Title of the Book / Chapters Published National / International Year of Publication ISBN / ISSN Number of Proceedings Name of Publisher
1 Dr. Rashmi Dwivedi Finite Element Analysis of Aluminum, Brass Alloy Cylindrical Cups Using Without Blank-holder International 2015 978-93-84743-13-0 Bonfring
2 Dr. Rashmi Dwivedi Experimental & Finite Element Analysis of Mild Steel Impeller Sheet in a Deep Drawing Process through Trapezoidal Dies International 2015 978-93-84743-13-0 Bonfring
3 Dr. Prem Kumar Chaurasiya Numerical Analysis of Flow Characteristics of Plunger Valve using CFD International 2019 978-620-0-27933-0 Lambert Academic Publishing
4 Dr. Prem Kumar Chaurasiya Numerical Simulation of Elbow Draft Tube at Unsteady Flow Condition International 2018 978-3-659-63168-9 Lambert Academic Publishing
5 Dr. Prem Kumar Chaurasiya Application of Remote Sensing in Wind Resource Assessment International 2019 978-0-12-803581-8 Elsevier
6 Dr. Ravi Shankar Mishra Volatile Memories- Handbook on Design and Power Delay Analysis National 2021 978-93-90651-95-5 Mahi Publication
7 Dr. Ravi Shankar Mishra A Handbook on Design and Analysis of Novel Concurrent Cellular Automation Logic Block Observer BIST International 2021 9781685760816 INSC International Publishers
8 Dr. Ravi Shankar Mishra Design and Analysis of Fast Adder using Quaternary Signed Digits (QSD) International 2020 9786139913497 Lampart Academic Publishing
9 Dr. Ravi Shankar Mishra Analysis of Various Encoding Technique for High Speed Application International 2020 9786139944361 Lampart Academic Publishing
10 Prof. Anoop Tiwari Hybrid Approach for Texymony based on TI of MR Bain Image International 2011 9783847377634 Lampart Academic Publishing
11 Prof Ashish Mishra International Business Environment National 2023 978-93-95899-04-8 Arisen Publication




S.No. Name of & Student Branch Joined SISTec Passed Out Start Up Date Start Up Name Type & of Start Up Details
1 Pawan Meena EC 2017 2021 2020 IOTINNS Automation & Technology IT service Training Provide Project development and Training serrvices in Embedded system & and IoT
2 Md. Zuber Khan EC 2018 2022 2019 Paradise Planet Pvt. Ltd. Garding Solution Provide garding solution for houses.
3 Pushpanshu Ranjan Singh CSE 2017 2020 2019 Towntask Home Service Services like Repairing of home appliances, maintenance worker and Personal Assistant Services.
4 Yash Shankar Singh ME 2012 2016 2019 BEST Buy Electronic Component seller Electronic Component seller
5 Vishal Kumar ME 2015 2019 2018 DSM Online Manufacturing electronic projects Manufacturing electronic projects
6 Akhil Kumar Tiwari CSE 2017 2020 2018 GallantDevTech Web Development and Security GallentDevTech is a company focused on providing web based services which in particular is selling of reseller hosting and Full stack development of web .
Priyanshu Dubay
Rishabh Sharma
7 Hariom Saran EX 2015 2019 2018 DSM Online Service Industry Specialize in Electronics technology and offer a wide range of products and services in this sector. DSM Online is one of the fastest growing Company of Electronic .
8 Banti Nagar EC 2017 2021 2018 Emotex Lighting Solution It is acompany which provides the LED lights and other lighting solution for the domestic purpose
9 Bilal Khan CSE 2017 2021 2018 Ahead Biz Solution App Development Integrated software solution for web and anroid
10 Shivam Magarde CSE 2017 2021 2018 Zingal Box Solution Food Service Provide door to door tiffin services to the various places in Bhopal.
Kawalpreet Singh Junega