Admissions - 2024

Electrical & Electronics Engineering

Faculties of Electrical & Electronics Engineering

Dr. Leena Daniel

Associate Professor & HOD

Prof. Leena Daniel has been a part of the SISTec organization since 2016 and is one of our distinguished academicians of the Department of Electrical & Electronics Engineering SISTec. Graduated in Electrical Engineering from Govt. Engineering college Ujjain (M.P). Post graduated in Power electronics from RGPV University Bhopal and Doctorate degree in Electrical Engineering from RGPV University Bhopal in the field of power systems and soft computing techniques. She has more than 19 years of experience as a noteworthy professor in the Department of Electrical & Electronics.



20 years

Power Electronics, Power System



Mr. Aamir Nasir

Assistant Professor

Prof. Aamir Nasir has joined Sagar Group in June 2017. He holds a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering and has completed his Maters’ degree from School of Energy and Environment Management – UIT RGPV, Bhopal in 2014, with a specialisation in Renewable and Clean Energy generation. His area of interest is Wind and Solar energy Conversion. He chose academics as a profession because he believes it can change the world for good. Apart from engineering subjects, he also shares interest in subjects like Astrophysics, Quantum mechanics, Human psychology, philosophy, epistemology etc.

M.Tech in Energy Technology


8 years

Renewable & Clean Energy



Mr. Ankit Chourasiya

Assistant Professor

presently pursuing a Ph.D. in Power System from VIT, University, Vellore. I have completed my Master of Engineering with honors from UIT, RGPV, Bhopal in 2012, with a specialization in Power System.I have a Bachelor of Engineering with honors from Indira Gandhi Engineering College Sagar, MP. He has 10 years of teaching experience. Also having a natural inclination towards Academics, and taught various Electrical Engineering subjects. He has 03 Research Papers to his credit published and presented in various national and international conferences. He has worked in Sinhgad Institute of Technology, Lonavala, as an Assistant Professor. He have been associated with different universities as a guest faculty, an examiner, and for other academic assignments. He has organized and attended conferences, faculty development programs and national level workshops and seminars on various technical topics such as Industrial Automation, Power generation Technologies, Evolution of smart grid systems.



10 years

Electrical Machine Power System Electrical Instrumentation Electric Drive, Basic Electrical Engineer



Mr. Vivek Saxena

Assistant Professor

Vivek Saxena has joined SISTec in July 2021. He has 13 years of work experience blending of academia and industry. As far as experience in academics is concerned, he has worked at SIRT Bhopal, SKN Sinhgad Institute of Science & Technology, Pune & OIST Bhopal, while into an industry he has worked for Suzlon Infra, Reliance Info Solution Pvt. Ltd & IR Class Systems & Solutions Pvt. Ltd. He has completed his graduation in Electrical & Electronics Engg in 2007 from RGPV and Master of Engineering in Power System form UIT, RGPV Bhopa

M.E. in Power System

3.5 years

9.5 years

Power System



Ms. Shadma Khan

Assistant Professor

Prof.Shadma Khan has over 12 years of experience in teaching. She joined Sagar Group in Nov 2021. She completed BE from TRUBA-RGPV in the year of 2010. She acquired her M.Tech degree from the Oriental Institute of Science & Technology Bhopal in the year of 2014 with a specialization in Power System. She is very dedicated towards her passion of teaching.



11 + Years

Power System ,Machines and Multilevel Inverters



Mr. Amit Kumar Yadav

Assistant Professor

Prof. Amit Kumar Yadav is currently working as a Assistant Professor in the Department of Electrical & Electronics Engineering, SISTec Gandhi Nagar, Bhopal (M.P). He has done Bachelor of Engineering (B.E) and Master of Engineering (MTech) with Electrical & Electronics Engineering and Power System specialization respectively from RGPV, Bhopal (M.P). He is currently pursuing a Ph.D. from the University Institute of Technology (UIT-RGPV), Bhopal. He has more than 10 years of teaching and research experience. He has published various research papers in reputed journals and International Conferences. He has delivered expert lectures in many seminars and workshops and has organised FDPs, STTP, International conferences. He is a technical trainer in the Electrical & Electronics Engineering, department for PLC Automation, MATLAB, Arduino, Electric Vehicle and Control Panel Designing.

B.E, MTech (Power System), PhD (Pursing from UIT-RGPV)



Power Quality, Power System and Network Analysis,



Ms. Pratima Gangwar

Assistant Professor

She is currently pursuing a Ph.D. from the RGPV, Bhopal. She has done Bachelor of Engineering (B.E) securing Hons degree from Oriental Institute of Science and Technology and Master of Technology (M.Tech) with specialization in Heavy Electrical Machines from MANIT, Bhopal (M.P)

MTech, PhD*


18 years

Electric Machines and Drives, Electric Vehicles, Renewable energy and FACTS devices and Power System



Student Achievements

Sr. No. Name Enrollment No. Achievement
1 Neeraj Kumar 0187EX191029 1st Prize in Innovation Festival 2023, organized by Regional Science Centre
2 Ranveer Kumar 0187EX191035 1st Prize in Innovation Festival 2023, organized by Regional Science Centre
3 Akhilesh Choudhary 0187EX201004 Student of the year 2023
4 BABULAL SHIKARI 0187EX181007 Cleared GATE-2022
5 Yashwant Ningwal 0187EX181038 Cleared GATE-2022
6 DIVYA PARADKAR 0187EX211011 1st prize in RGPV Nodal Taekwondo Competition


Project Lab

Power System Lab

Power Electronics Lab

Network Analysis Lab

Machine Lab

Electrical Instrumentation Lab

Electrical Drives Lab

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Computer Lab

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Semester Break Trainings / VAC

Session Semester Course Name Course Duration in Hours
"Placement Oriented Trainings " VII Summer Break Training Module 90
MATLAB programming & Simulation VI Summer Break Training Module 90
Electrical Vehicle Technology & Solar erection commissioning & maintenance VI Winter Break Training Module 50
Hands on session on IOT V Summer Break Training Module 90
Trends in IOT & Drone technology V Winter Break Training Module 50
Data structure using “C” programming IV Summer Break Training Module 90
PYTHON IV Winter Break Training Module 50
JAVA with DBMS III Winter Break Training Module 50
"C" language programming II Winter Break Training Module 90
Playing with Electrical Components II Summer Break Training Module 60

STTPs / FDPs / Workshops



Workshop on Application of Power Electronics in Electrical Engineering

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Expert Lecture on Power Transmission System Familiarization

The Department of Electrical & Electronics Engineering organized an Exper

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Automatic hand sanitizer machine


self sufficient smart city

smart cycle

smart wheel chair

Industrial Visits

(Central Power Research Institute) CPRI

11 Oct 2022

Siemens Centre of Excellence in Digitalization & Industry 4.0, Bhopal

15 Jul 2022

Parle-Agro, Mandideep

08 Jul 2022

C.R.I.S.P. (Centre for Research and Industrial Staff Performance)

25 Feb 2022


28 Oct 2021

Ujaas Energy Ltd. Solar Power Plant, Ichhawar

22 Jul 2019

RNTU, Center for Renewable Energy (CRE) - 19th June 2018

19 Jun 2019

Tawa Hydro-electric power plant -

13 Mar 2019