Admissions - 2024

Capability Enhancement Development Schemes

Competitive Exams

Sagar Group of Institution has a centralized Training and Placement Cell (T&P Cell) for SISTecThe cell works in an intensive symphony of effort to get the maximum number of students placed with excellent/good salary packages. The placement season runs though the course of the year. The T&P Cell is assisted by a committee comprising representatives of students from the under-graduate engineering streams.

SISTec’s T&P Cell grooms the students up right from the time they take admission in the college. They are trained to be fluent in English and taught the ways to develop self-confidence and public speaking skills. They are groomed to express their views effectively. We map the employability skills of students through an Employability Index Card.

From Ist semester to VIth semester, students undergo placement oriented training in a graded manner and by VIIth semester the T&P Cell works earnestly to bring their process of training to a successful culmination, by getting students placed in high-salaried jobs. The T&P Cell liaisons with the top companies, government sectors and other time tested institute/organizations, inviting them to conduct campus placement interviews.

Career Counselling

SISTec has an excellent and fully functional Training and Placement Cell with adequate infrastructure comprising of Seminar Hall, Discussion rooms and Interview Rooms. The T & P Cell is equipped with computers with internet facility. The Corporate Relation Officer co- ordinator maintains a database of all the registered students with all relevant details and information of companies visiting the campus. A large number of companies visit the campus every year and recruit eligible students from the campus. The number of students placed through campus recruitment activity is increasing every year. The T &P Cell at SISTec is assisted by faculty coordinators by each department. Institute had the distinction of being visited by core companies specific to each domain as well as interdisciplinary area.

As part of the training activity, institute has focused on training for Aptitude, Technical Tests, Group Discussions, Interviewing techniques, Psychometric tests, soft skills held through external agencies. These are imparted to all pre-final and final year students who register with T & P Cell. The Placement Officer regularly contacts many IT-related and manufacturing organizations and forwards details of eligible students to the Industry as and when needed. Interactive sessions with the students of final year who have been selected by the companies are frequently arranged. In this session students narrate their experiences during the interview process. They give facts/necessary information that would add on students’ preparation. Industry visits are arranged frequently as a part of career initiative.

The various programs are organized for providing information to students about opportunities for higher education such as Expert Lecture on “Education & Career Opportunity in foreign Universities”.

Soft Skills Development

Here in SISTec While emphasizing on the importance of employment-oriented education, we also focus on personality development, communication skills and Aptitude learning.

Aptitude is the primary object every recruitment team sees in an aspirant. Aptitude is a way to analyze the thinking of human ability to solve a problem. It can widen students’ analytical thinking and also helps in developing prediction and observation power, memory, concentration and calculations. It enhances students’ decision making power and they can take better and logical decision on time. To enhance the same, effective communicative and aptitude training programs are conducted from time to time in SISTec. Qualified, experienced and dedicated faculty members are involved in the same for development and training of students.

SISTec has efficient training and placement cell with a strong team of trainers and company tie ups. We have easily accessible management open to suggestions and looking into grievances of students.

The T&P also Cell puts special focus on training POT classes with the vision of guiding students in core skills required by the industry. Our training modules Kaizen include quantitative aptitude, IT-Skills, E-mail Writing, MS Office, Group Discussions, Interview Skills, Presentation Skills & Technical hands on session.

Training sessions are conducted as a regular part of the college time-table. These sessions are mandatory for all students to attend. Regular evaluation is done by the department to measure the preparation of students. T&P Cell also organizes various technical workshops by inviting people from industry. SISTec T&P Cell offers Skilled Based Paid Internship Opportunities to its students in the above mentioned reputed companies.

These periodic training sessions are aimed at making the students employable and industry-ready. In addition, the T&P Cell coordinates industrial visits and internship opportunities to give students exposure to actual working conditions and acquaint them with latest technologies. Our pioneering efforts have borne fruits in achieving academic industrial rapport and we are proud that our students have been absorbed by leading companies.

Remedial Coaching

The students are tracked during their academic journey in the college and special efforts are made to bring slow learners (students with certain limitations) to come at par with the average/above average group. Students with good background and skills are guided to higher levels of achievements and encouraged towards challenging goals.

During admission process the Institute collects fresher students’ data through a registration form. It portraits students profile and this data helps to know the student’s academic and family background, skills learnt in school/junior college, the hobbies/interest in various fields. Learning level of each student is evaluated by analyzing the data in two different stages.

In the first stage, on the basis of the performance of in their intermediate examination subjects like Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics as well as English, the first year entrants are categorized as advanced and slow learners. Students who obtain 70% average marks are considered as advanced learners otherwise the slow learners.

In the second stage, two unit tests of 35 marks are conducted for two chapters of every subject to assess performance with a scale of 20 marks out of 35 as a part of semester continuous assessment.

The First Year learning level data is shared with the team of first year Tutor Guardians to evaluate the student learning level as advanced learner or slow learner. The TGs, in weekly meetings with all faculties of respective classes, carry out discussion based on analysis records available about students’ levels, abilities, characteristics, skills, attitudes, examination results (internal and external) and their current day to day interactions/experiences. Based on this evaluation, feedback is given to students and special programs/activities are undertaken.

This data analysis done at entry stage is referred by TGs of FY classes and also passed subsequently to TGs of next classes. The TGs of second year onwards carry forward the FY activities at individual departments. Students attendance is also being monitored through ERP software on every week and list of defaulter students are displayed on department notice board. Attendance of students is regularly being informed to the parents through SMS facility. College had made special provision of exhaustive soft skill training and exclusive counseling, to mould the slow and advanced learners to plan their careers and placements. Through this process slow learner are identified and following activities are carried out for them.

SISTec conducts Refresher Course, Communication Skills classes, bridge course in maths. Remedial classes are organized to clarify doubts for backlogs and for current subjects (if their performances in quizzes and mid semester exam are not up to the mark). Make up classes are also arranged outside the regular working hours and days to enable the students to achieve on par with others. All this is planned and incorporated in the timetable itself. More tutorials with improved student – staff ratio are conducted as and when required.

Mentoring is done in a sympathetic manner to improve the morale of the student. The students are persuaded to stay in the hostels and faculty arranges the evening classes as well skill development modules. The slow learners are counseled to adopt intensive study pattern to improvise their performance.

Effective practice of Tutor-guardian scheme is providing the welfare and overall career growth of the students. The role of TG is to monitor academic performance and interact frequently to understand and assist any student with issues that affect their ability to learn or impeding their academic success. Set of 15-20 students are assigned for a faculty as TG and personal and academic care is completely taken by the corresponding TG. TG communicates regularly with parents and alert regarding performance of students.

Language Lab

Good communication skills are indispensable for the success of any professional. English language has become essential in the lives of young people who aspire to advance their careers anywhere in the world. Being able to communicate well is the most important factor when seeking a placement in a company or institution. As it is a technological aid for learning, it has a number of advanced facilities that can help a student to learn a language with proficiency to communicate and in SISTec, we contemplate on the same.

The language laboratory is very useful for assessing students’ speech. It provides students with the technical tools to get the best samples of pronunciation of the language. Language lab allows students to emphasize material learned in class by putting them into practice through interactive activities. The language laboratory helps students to use technology effectively to communicate. It helps them to learn pronunciation, accent, stress and all other aspects of the phonetics of a language.

The devices of laboratory help students to acquire the language quickly and easily. The language laboratory offers broadcasting, television programmes, web-assisted materials and videotaped off-air recordings in the target language. Students learn much faster in the language lab using listening skills.

Tutor Guardian (T.G.) System for Personal Counselling

The tutor guardian (T.G.) scheme is an innovative concept brought in for the overall benefit of the students. Under this scheme, about 15-20 students are placed under the care of one member of the teaching staffs, who acts as a tutor guardian for these students to look after their needs and deals with difficulties at both academic and non-academic front.

A Tutor Guardian is always there to aid and guide students in all spheres i.e. academic, personal or social. A TG also monitors the students’ academic performance throughout the semester and informs the same to the parents about their ward’s performance to facilitate counseling and appraisal.

A TG take remedial measures in case a student is facing any problem and to motivate them at individual level and act as a responsible guardian to the students so that they feel at home away from home.

A TG is also responsible to develop students’ skills and overall personality by keeping them updated with latest developments in their respective branches.