Anti Ragging Committee (ARC)

Date: 03-08-2020
Anti Ragging Committee

As per directions of the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India, U.G.C. Regulation and Madhya Pradesh Anti Ragging Act, Principal is pleased to constitute an Institute level Anti Ragging Committee consisting of following faculty members. Student may inform/ contact any member of the committee in case of need pertaining any incidence of ragging if any.

This is for the information that following Anti Ragging committee members has to be vigilant and need to take necessary action to control the menace of Ragging to protect the interest of fresher (first year students) and to prevent all sorts of Ragging inside SISTec premises including hostels.

S.No. Name & Designation Designation Contact No
1. Dr. Keshavendra Choudhary
Principal & Professor
Chairperson, ARC 9179329323
2. Dr. Swati Saxena
Vice-Principal & Professor
Coordinator, ARC 9424846699
3. Shri. B.S Kushwah
Administrative & COW
Co-Coordinator, ARC 9977949464
4 Dr. Ravishanker V Choudri
Professor & HOD ME
Member 9993945547
5 Mr. Ujjwal Nigam
Associate Professor & HOD CSE
Member 9589079925
6 Dr. Ravishanker Mishra
Associate Professor & HOD EC
Member 9056135225
7 Mr. Ashish Kumar Rai
Associate Professor & HOD EX
Member 9479985809
8 Dr. Megha Jain
Associate Professor & HOD CE
Member 9425303565
9 Mr. Soman Mitra
Assistant Professor & HOD MBA
Member 7999072733

As per the orders of the Hon'ble Supreme Court and UGC Regulations, 2009, Sagar Institute of Science and Technology, Gandhi Nagar Bhopal, firmly prohibits RAGGING in the Institute. The Institute follows ZERO TOLERANCE policy on Ragging. RAGGING IS STRICTLY BANNED IN AND BEYOND THE CAMPUS. All the newly admitted students are free to enjoy the Campus Life in the pursuit of academic excellence. All the senior students are willing to give warm welcome to their juniors.

The Institute takes all necessary and required measures, including but not limited to the provisions of the UGC Regulations, 2009 to achieve the objective of eliminating ragging within the Institute or outside.