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SISTec belongs to the renowned Sagar Group. As the name suggests, Sagar Group provides an ocean of opportunities to all the people associated with it in all forms. The group is a powerhouse for excellent buildings, very good academics, high-quality yarn for the textile industry.
Sagar Group focuses on the development of the society which in turn brings development in the nation. The group runs a construction company by the name of Agrawal Builders, an education trust by the name of SPS, technical colleges in SISTec and a yarn industry well-renowned as SMPL
Sagar Group provides opportunities to thousands of people, education to all and shelter to different sections of the society. Sagar group focuses on the upliftment of the society by making man self-sufficient in knowledge in the shelter, and above all providing of human values.
Following are the areas of operations for the Sagar Group (
College Education : SISTec (
School Education : Sagar Public School (
Real Estate : Agrawal Builders (
Yarn Manufacturing :

Sagar Manufacturers Pvt. Ltd. (






Sagar Institute of Science and Technology is an integral part of Sagar Group and the Best College of Engineering in Bhopal for many reasons.

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