Sagar Fiesta 2k18 | Day 02

Sagar Fiesta 2k18 Day-2 is full of technical events. Events like: Clash of codies, robo race, Tech-pic, E-Abhilapna, Electro Quest, Backlash, Aakar, Sanrachna, Treasure Hunt, Digital Picasso, Mimica, SISTec-Talkmaster. Day 2 is a technical day of the Sagar Fiesta 2k18, participation enthusiasm in the students is splashy. Everyone was very energetic for the participation in the various events. The main purpose of this events is not only enjoyment but to learn new things. Events like this educate us in very useful manner. Sagar Fiesta 2k18 is full of learning, enjoyment and get to know about new things.

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