Industrial Visit to Bend Joint Pvt. Ltd. Organized on 09/10/2017

An Industrial visit was organised for ME III semester to BEND JOINTS . Students visited one of the best Fabrication industry which deals with the fabrication of Thermal as well as Hydro power plant pipes and coils.They basically works on the principal of LEAN manufacturing i.e. no waste and minimize the inventory. Students came to know about many technical terms like  EOQ (Economic order Quantity) which deals with the procurement of materials in the industry. The Production Engineer briefly explained about the various processes that are taking place in the company and also explained about the various machines in full operational condition. Students came to know about 5S Principle which is used in industry and also in different organisation for increasing the performance. Mechanical Engineering Department, would like to thank Prof. Sanjay Chhalore and Prof. Nitin Kumar Sahu of ME Dept. for arranging this industrial visit and Mr. UTTAM GANGULY   for helping our students to grab this opportunity. Prof. Mahendra Kumar Patel accompanied the students

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