Started as a sole initiative of Mechanical engineering department, Nirmaan brought forth in 2013 amazing talent and team participation, beyond the imagination. The combined inspiration of students and teachers brought forth many astounding projects right from inception to design to materials, assembly and final working model. Nirmaan gave students the environment to think actively and present their thoughts not only by words but also by action.
Innovation Beyond Imagination. The mantra of Nirmaan came to life in 2013. With that inspiration we again look forward to Nirmaan 2014, on 3rd & 4th April . With great thrill we invite you for your innovative participation to make this forthcoming Nirmaan even beyond imagination. This time not just for a day but for two full days of immersive innovation.
Nirmaan 2013 brought to us models like thermal power plant, wire robotic arm with wireless camera, Sagar bridge, Compressed Air vehicle, fire resistance, Rice flask stove, year round cooler, maglev train, Patakha popcorn, Automatic Train barrier and many more....
The winners of Nirmaan 2k13 were from SISTec, The title of their working model was "Thermal Power Plant" which has won a cash prize of Rs 25,000/-. The winners of second prize were the students of LNCT who developed a working model entitled "Wire robotic Arm with Wireless camera" cash prize of Rs 15,000/-.
Sagar Fiesta 2014, the grand Techno –Cultural fest was celebrated from 11th to 13th March’14. The first day of Sagar Fiesta ’14 was celebrated as The Technical Day, where students from various colleges of Bhopal presented their robotic skills with their ferocious robots in Robo-War. In Abhikalp (Rubik’s–Cube pattern making) participants stormed their brains to form various patterns on Rubik’s cube. Matrix Mania was an event where participants had to code programs on MATLAB software. Backlash was virtual battle ground on which contestants showed their LAN gaming skills. Rocket Propulsion marked the new beginning for the participants with high dreams as in this event participants designed pressurized air rockets & executed their launch. Sanchar Khoj was an event dedicated to the creative innovations in different fields of engineering. Coding masters presented their C/C++ Coding skills in Techno- Puzzle. Sagar Roadies-the signature event of Sagar Fiesta, was launched with a lot of excitement and cheer.
All the winners in above competitions were awarded with exciting cash prizes.
The day was concluded by the Star Performance of singing sensation Abhas Joshi (Voice Of India Fame). He mesmerised the audience with his performance.
Day 2 of Sagar Fiesta 2014, The Cultural Day started with Ninad, Kalakriti and Aakriti. Ninad was a solo singing competition with competitors from various colleges. In Kalakriti, participants presented different forms of nail art with creativity. Participants showed their carving skills in Aakriti by carving soaps into beautiful shapes. Swar Surbhi was the event that represented the popular game of Antakshari in a modern way. Ojas was the highlight of the day, where groups from various parts of the city presented their dance moves. Dance Pe Chance was a solo dancing event where contestants danced on songs played on the spot. The final round of Sagar Roadies was conducted with some exciting physical tasks to select the final Sagar Roadie. The day ended with honouring the achievers with prizes.
The gala night of SAGAR FIESTA 2014 was celebrated on 13/3/2014 as Annual Function. The event started with a prayer to Maa Saraswati. Mr. Swapon Adhikary (Sr. Vice President- Business Development - Kochar Infotech Pvt. Ltd) was the chief guest and Mr. Dhananjay Pandey (Director - Technical, Saiphia Technology Pvt. Ltd.) was the guest of honour for the night. Principal SISTec Dr. Manish Billore and Principal SIPTec Dr.Kuldeep Ganju presented their academic reports for the year 2013-14. The dignitaries felicitated those staff members who completed five years of continuous contribution for the growth of the institute. Sagarites made the night memorable with their breath taking performances in Tandav, Tap Dance, Mississippi Slide Line Dance, Ramayana Dance Drama, Peacock Dance, a play on the theme 'Aakir Mudaa kya hai' and gave glimpses of their patriotism with a dance performance dedicated to Indian unity. The vote of thanks was read by the Vice Principal Dr. Swati Saxena. The night concluded on a high note with the sky lit with flying lamps.
Under the judicious guidance of the Executive Director, Mr. Pawan Grover, the Training and Placement cell (SISTec) organized a six day Residential Campus Recruitment Training Program by the name of 'SAGAR MANTHAN' for seventh semester engineering students, at SISTec Gandhi Nagar, from 12th July to 18th July 2012. The workshop was inaugurated by the Chairman, Sagar Group of Institutions, Mr. Sudhir Kumar Agrawal who appreciated the effort whole heartedly. The Principal Dr. S. S. Patil advised the students to be proactive and hone the skills necessary to cope with the type of work envisaged for them. Mr. Vivek Rai and his dedicated team comprising Mr. Abhinav Raisa, Dr. Sachin Chaudhary & Salman Quazi, apprised the students about the importance of this workshop.
As the name suggests SAGAR MANTHAN was an endeavour on the part of the management to develop the various skill sets in the students which would increase the employability index of the budding engineers. Mr. Grover, the Executive Director who has an eye for detail, meticulously took care of the nitty gritty and planned each session. Modules were decided and teams were formed accordingly. There were meetings and reviews chaired by the Executive Director
The workshop was organized to sensitize the students and motivate them into action mode. Every day began with a Yoga session so as to enthuse energy in the students. It was a rigorous training program where the Sagarites undertook sessions on aptitude training, group discussions, interview skills, inter personal skills, resume building, just a minute session, goal setting etc. The aptitude training was solely handled by Mr. Sandeep Jain. The other modules were planned and presentations on each of these were given by the communication skill faculty members of SISTec Gandhi Nagar, SISTec-R and SISTec-E. Certain sessions like internet search engines, newspaper reading etc were taken up by Training and Placement team.
The students even had a chance to have a session by Mr Pravar Shrivastava of who delivered his talk on optimum utilization of Job Portals, which enabled them to have an in depth knowledge of use of job portals.
This workshop even had fun packages for the students like movie screening and pool side dinner. The workshop was concluded by mock campus interview sessions and the best performers were suitably rewarded. The initiative was well received by the students and is one of the successful ventures of the college.
The Executive Director thanked the Training and Placement team profoundly, who had left no stone unturned to make this workshop a success.

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